Don't fall for allergens...


Spring is here…oh, excuse me, ACHOO!! So are spring allergies. But you don’t have to roll out the welcome mat for allergens in your home. While these tips and tricks will not rid you of your allergies, they will reduce the amount of allergy producing substances in your home.

First, your shoes: leave them at the door. We track in a great deal of dirt and allergens on our shoes. Of course you need a place to put them so they do not become a tripping hazard in your entryway. You may also need a chair to remove them safely and easily. Whatever works best for you, leave your shoes at the door. Of course you should have house shoes handy as well as I do not recommend wandering around the house in stocking feet. (Another fall hazard.)

If you have a pet, and can manage it, bathe them at least once a week to keep their dander down.

Keep the clutter and dust collecting knick-knacks to a minimum.

Keep the kitchen crumb free to avoid both pests and mold both of which can cause allergy symptoms.

In the bathroom, use the fan when bathing to keep the room as dry as possible to reduce mold there as well.

In the bedroom, wash bedding weekly in the hottest water possible to remove allergens.

Keep windows closed and use air conditioning to keep pollen and other allergens out.

Happy Spring and hope this helps to keep those allergies in check!

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