Compassion, A Key Part of the Job Description

We Treat Your Family Like Our Family

Our caregivers are screened not only their competence and experience, but also for the passion they have to care for others. Enjoy the reassurance of having the same caregiver show up day after day.



To Keep our Seniors Independent

Millions of seniors use home care to remain independent as they grow older. We help seniors to live safely and comfortably where they most want to be. At home.



Provide Quality Care for you.

Senior Care in a Whole New Light

We have reliable and professional caregivers that will help you with the daily tasks that will allow you to stay in your own home. Contact us for a free consultation now.

How it Works

24-Hour, Live-in Senior Care

At A Time for Care, our goal is to provide the quality assistance to our elderly loved ones that they need from within their own homes. This assistance can range from help with care and light housekeeping to medication reminders.

1. Match a Qualified Senior Caregiver

We know that letting someone into your home for senior care can be a daunting task. That’s why A Time for Care first completes a variety of surveys and interviews in order to pair your senior with the best 24-hour, live-in elder care provider. Based on the needs of you or your loved ones, our senior caregivers are experienced in providing respite services, dementia care, and care for other medical concerns.

2. Meet Your Personal Elder Care Provider

With a qualified and experienced at home elderly caregiver(s) selected to fit the needs and wants for your in-home senior care services, we then schedule an introductory meeting where you and your loved ones can get to know your personal elderly care provider. This stage allows for questions as well as getting to know the caregiver(s).

3. Scheduling & Services

Once you feel comfortable with your senior home caregiver(s), we then set up a consistent schedule to provide hourly or 24-hour care to your elderly loved ones. This schedule includes senior home care assistance like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other household chores. Additionally, your elder home care provider will be selected based on the requirements to properly care for your senior loved ones.

A Time for Care’s 24-hour, senior live-in home care is one of the best alternatives to retirement homes or senior living centers. We want the best quality care and companionship for your elderly loved ones, making at-home care a perfect option. For more information about receiving home caregiver services for your seniors, call us today at 847-533-2933.

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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams of staying in their own homes even when the activities of daily living have become a challenge.